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3 Strategies for Daily Student Self - Assessment

Student perceptions about their classwork can have a major impact on the effort put into their work and their retention of their learning. Feeling uncertain, "dumb" or like their work doesn't meet expectations can lead many students to disengage from the learning process.

Student self-assessment is an excellent strategy for formative assessment about student attitudes about their performance and the data self-assessment provides allows teachers to intervene and assist students whose perception of their class performance is a barrier to their learning.

1. Self-Assessment folders. This strategy is used daily in our classrooms. Student's file all their work into self-assessment folders in google drive so we can see how they feel about their work at the end of the day and see if any patterns about their self-perception emerge.

2. Emoji Headers. Classrooms that have less access to digital resources can use emoji headers to embed daily self assessment into handouts. Students simply have to circle the appropriate emoji when turning in their work.

3. Self-Assessment Files. Another easy strategy is to have three different bins for students to turn work into instead of one. Each bin can correspond to a difference level of comfort just like with the emojis or google drive folders.

If you have any other easy self-assessment strategies we'd love to hear about them. If you want to know more contact us here:

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