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Player apathy and the College Football bowl system

College football fans might not like when their team's star players sit out bowl games, but they shouldn't be shocked either. The college football playoff, consisting of four teams chosen by a committee, has created a Quit Point for many college athletes who have aspirations to play football professionally. When a committee selects four teams without a clear measure for how those teams are chosen, players and fans alike begin to question the legitimacy of the system.

Assuming top teams aspire to compete for a championship, there is an inevitable letdown the moment they are not one of the four teams chosen. Many players will effort ration their way through the practice and games because they simply do not see the value in a game that doesn't seem to matter. Star players may opt to sit out altogether because practicing and playing in a non-championship bowl game only puts their greater goal of playing in the NFL at risk. Until a change is made to add value to these games, expect more and more college players to hit a Quit Point because the system fails to account for their motivation and task value.

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