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We should be in the Golden Age of education. Teachers and leaders are more connected to training and technology that ever before. 

Still, educators are leaving the profession in record numbers. Students are falling through the cracks, with too many giving up on learning. But what exactly is the problem? And more important, what should be done about it?

In Quit Point: Understanding Apathy, Engagement, and Motivation in the Classroom, we present a new way of approaching these issues. The Quit Point - our theory on how, why, and when people quit and how to stop quitting before it happens - will transform how teachers reach the potential of each and every student.

"Understanding Quit Point is the key to unlocking the full potential of teaching and learning"





Students want and expect any worthwhile technology to be as easy to use as the phones and tablets they have been using since early in life. The problem is, educational settings do not necessarily parallel this level of accessibility.


We utilize technology to reduce Quit Points and make learning more accessible to all students.




We are full-time teachers who practice our teaching strategies on a daily basis.  Our classrooms have become a lab to study student Quit Point and practice strategies that empower students by stressing collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  

Our students come from a diverse set of backgrounds and include individuals with unique learning needs of both remediation and advanced exploration. Our practical experience with digital teaching and learning, data driven instruction, planning and logistics allows us to help you use technology to work more efficiently and effectively.

We don't just hand you the tools, we help you use them!

Adam Chamberlin

Adam Chamberlin earned a B.A. in Communication from Cleveland State University and M.Ed. from The Ohio State University. He has worked in both private and public sectors of education and currently teaches high school social studies at Franklin Heights High School in Columbus, Ohio. He continues to serve on leadership committees at both building and district levels, as well as a national presenter at professional education conferences. Adam is the co-founder of Pomme LLC, an educational consulting firm. He lives in central Ohio with his wife and two sons.

Sveti Matejic

Sveti Matejic earned his B.A in 2002 and M.Ed. in 2004 both from The Ohio State University. He continues to teach history at Franklin Heights High School in Columbus, Ohio, where he began his career in 2004. He is a recipient of the Teacher of the Year award and District Ambassador Award for his frequent presentations at professional conferences. He is also a department chair and member of the district curriculum committee.  Sveti also pursues his interest in teaching and working with young people through coaching. He has 16 years experience in youth soccer and currently coaches with Ohio Premier. Sveti is also the co-founder of Pomme LLC, an educational consulting firm.




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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, no trainings are scheduled at this time. Please check back for future updates on available education trainings.  If you are interested in virtual trainings, please fill out the "Get In Touch" contact information and we will be in contact with you.
We are current working on resources for parents to help avoid their kids' (and their own) Quit Points that occur during these challenging times.  


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